Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

To all my amazing followers, I'd like to thank you for supporting me from my not so distant beginning and to all my visitors, I hope you come back soon because 2013 is going to be a year to remember! 2012 was a very trying year for me. I was in an extremely toxic environment and this blog has been the start of a new leaf. I am a much happier person and I'm just enjoying the ride on this journey of rediscovering myself.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Harvey Nichols Experience

Like I mentioned in a previous post, and if you follow me on Instagram & Twitter (which you all should!) I'm a huge Harvey Nichols fan! It's amazing to be able to have all of these amazing brands all conveniently in one beautiful store! The first time I went in, I felt like a kid in a candy store and I knew I was in love! My mom and sister had to literally drag me out of the store; they don't really share my designer love but they put up with me!

So when I had the chance to go to the Harvey Nichols Favorite Things Event, I JUMPED! I was so excited and even though I had to wake up super early on a Saturday morning, it was definitely worth it!  They really know how to take things to a whole new level and we were picked up from our houses in a super cute London Cab and dropped off right outside the store. Inside we were greeted by the team and I have to mention just how amazing everyone was! That was honestly my favorite part! Adel, Nat, Layan and everyone else involved were just super helpful and eager to show us around and really make us feel at home!

Despite having visited the store multiple times, I learnt about a lot of services that they provide that I didn't know about, like the Personal Shopping, the Gown Fitting Room and the Spa!  The Personal Shopping corner is too cool, and ladies, theres not a minimum charge so go and try it! It's an amazing service and if you want to be pampered, its perfect! Heck, I plan on going next weekend! And speaking of pampering, the Gown Fitting Room has Parisian Boudoir written all over it! Did you guys know that they can custom create designer gowns! They can even fly Lebanese designers in! How amazing is that!? But remember, a custom gown takes time and will take up to 3 months, so go in advance!

Lastly, but not least, is the spa. I actually went and got a facial yesterday and have been waiting to post this until then. I went in bright and early with my 2 accomplices (my mom and Lena, my sister) and we all LOVED it! It's in the corner when you walk in the Beauty Department and girls, you all need to run down there ASAP because it was amazing! I walked out and I couldn't believe how beautiful my skin looked. Now don't go thinking that I have bad skin, because I don't! It just made my skin glow, it was amazing and I will definitely be making another appointment soon! For reservations call 97757246.

 I can't wait for the Cafe to open! The almond croissant was AMAZING! So good!

The adorable Layan showing me this insane perfume that has gold in it! Yep you heard me right!

Her tour continues to the Elemis section, this is where we got our facials done! Call to make your appointments and you can also purchase the creams and cleansers! 

So to sum it up, Harvey Nichols is the and I'm completely addicted! Great job HN team, keep up the good work! :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Colorific - Seeing Red

I'm having a lazy Friday but that doesn't mean I'm going to slack on my blogging duties! I've been sitting on this post for awhile because despite my great love for the color I don't really wear it, but that shouldn't stop you! It actually reminds me of my mother! As a child, I don't remember if she used to wear it very often, but when I think red, I think of her! 

Nostalgia aside, you can stand out from the rest in one of this winters hottest hues - RED! There's so much more to red than cupcakes and candy canes and I'm talking about scarlet and smoking hot red,  it's 19th century regality meets the '90s. Make sure you keep your reds rock n'roll by pairing it with jewel-tones, fire engine lips and chunky gold accessories! 

MY TIP: To make everyone else's heart rates go through the roof, swap you LBD for a 'little red dress'!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Anya Hindmarch Flashing Light

I love Anya Hindmarch. I used to stare at them for hours online and then Harvey Nichols opened and I began to feed my addiction in person. I love going to the store, I could stay in the bag department for hours, and I'm usually spending most of that time in the Anya Hindmarch section! I love her bags so much I cannot lie, I would be happy if I could get my hands on any one of them and then I found out that a few of them light up! OH MY GOD! How cute is that? It's perfect for this holiday season and even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I can still appreciate the prettiness can't I? 

Isn't that clutch with present bows on it so precious? That is what I want, and the Ebenezer, and the wallet and all of them! All I want for Christmas is Anya Hindmarch!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Favorite Things

I have a great love for things gold and glittery, and Harvey Nichols has everything I love inside it all wrapped up in a lovely gold and glittery package. Today I was picked up bright and early by a London cab and driven to the Avenues for a special bloggers event and I was skeptical that I would enjoy it but I did! The Harvey Nichols team were amazing and I really want to thank Nat, Adel, Danna and Layan for really making it a great experience. 

The theme of the event was 'Favorite Things' in honor of the season and I absolutely adored their setup! It's such a modern and contemporary take on the holidays that I found so refreshing. It's great to see young, local people that are doing something that is so avant-garde and different than everyone else in Kuwait!  Great job Harvey Nichols Team!

If you don't follow me on Instagram (which you all need to, I'm @my_pinkelephant) then you haven't seen bits and pieces of the experience, but I have a few amazing posts planned based on today! But back to the matter at hand, this post is based on all my favorite things that I saw while touring the store and if you haven't been there yet, I highly recommend you make a special trip to the Avenues to get your dose of Harvey Nichols! 

* Either these exact piece or the brand itself is available at Harvey Nichols Kuwait

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I'm Loving ♥

I have a feeling this is going to be a great weekend! I'm still recovering from todays migraine and so I'm just taking tonight easy but tomorrow promises to be a yummy day full of turkey and stuffing and pecan pie! Sound yummy to anyone else? And then on Saturday, I have to wake up extremely too early but I'm sure it will be worth it, it's a VIP event at Harvey Nichols after all!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gothic Glam

Channel your inner Wednesday Adams with one of this Falls' hottest trends, Gothic Glam! The word 'Gothic' has gotten a bit of a bad rap, but don't let that make you hesitate! This trend is about being dark, but bringing an air of old age glamour to it. Think about it as New York meets Downton Abbey, it's a match made in heaven for me! And if black isn't your cup of tea, try other dark, rich colors such as aubergine, burgundy and navy blue; they all have the same feel without being as harsh as black can be on some people.

MY TIP: Afraid of this trend? Try a deep red, matte lipstick as an icebreaker!

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