Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fresh White Linens

What could be better than winter white? It brings to mind fresh linens and who doesn't love that? I have to admit that while white is so clean and pretty, it’s hard keeping it looking so pristine and perfect. So it isn’t practical but when layered in various shades, from oyster to cream to parchment, it’s so fresh, appealing and totally cozy! I love the sheer subtleties of white and it makes me want to just live in it! So forget the whole not wearing white after Labor Day; white works, any time of the year!

MY TIP: Don’t try too hard to match shades. Select rich fabrics with textures and plush.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Bedazzling!

It's glitzy, it's glamorous and it's so hot right now! Bejeweled dresses, sweatshirts, bags and even shoes! It's the invasion of the jewels! Oh my! Ok, I admit that I crack myself up a little bit! But on a more serious note, this season designers are loving everything embellished and bejeweled from Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Prada, Dior and the list goes on and on. For me, everything is better when it's bedazzled, but you really can overdo it easily and end up looking like something scary that came back to haunt us from the 80's. So keep it simple and elegant by practicing restraint.

MY TIP: If you have 'blingage' all over you, then you don't need to accessories. Keep it simple and chic! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Golden favorites!

I don't plan on boring you with the same old thing that everyone else always does. Everyone has their great moments and sometimes it doesn't always go as planned. No one is innocent when it comes to fashion mishaps so I'm not doing the best and the worst, I'm just showing you a few of my favorites.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Abbey-fied

I cannot begin to convey to you how much I love Downton Abbey. It's beyond the show, it's more then that. I love period dramas; I always have loved prissy and delicate things, and I just find period dramas to be wonderful. I feel like I get to go to another place and time where things were done properly, everything was done as it should be and everything was pretty and elegant. Now don't go on about how life must have sucked back then because I realize it wasn't all sunshine and daisies but I can fantasize, can't I? 

So now that you understand my great love of period dramas you must think that you understand why I love Downton, but we're not completely there. My grandmother is English and my mother has so much English influence because of it so she loves Downton too! So does my Nanny, and so we all watch it together, me and my mom in Kuwait and Nanny all the way in Pensacola!  So we all share it despite the distance and it kind of brings us together, which as anyone with family far away knows it's so hard! As an added bonus, Nanny is from Berkshire, and it just so happens that Highclere Castle AKA Downton Abbey is right next to where she grew up as a girl, so theres a sort of personal attachment to the show!

Besides all that, Downton is just so amazing! If you guys have never seen it, I highly recommend it! The story line is amazing and you get so drawn into the characters, it's brilliant! So is the fashion and this is why I decided to give you a Downton Abbey post! Ralph Lauren has got this whole English countryside thing down to a tee, they even held their F/W show in Highclere! It's all about textures, try mixing velvet with silk, jewel tones and flowy materials and don't forget feminine details like pearls and lace! So get on the sophisticated, aristocratic bandwagon! I can't wait for season 4 and all the new fashion that will come to Downton with the 30's! Actually, I'm going through Downton withdrawal! I'm watching Upstairs, Downstairs but so far it isn't doing for me. Here's to hoping!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Midas Touch

GOLD! Who doesn't love the familiar shimmer of gold? Especially in this part of the world, gold used to demonstrate your wealth as a woman but times are changing slowly and we show that in other ways as well, but gold is still so important in our society. But as it's prices continue to soar, if you want to go after the real deal, it's gonna set you back quite a bit! So instead of going into debt for gold, designers are bringing it out in all its splendor to your entire wardrobe! With brocade, foil, leaf, sequins and embossed surfaces, designers are achieving that glitzy look and I'm loving it! Ralph Lauren did an amazing job, so did so many other designs like Roberto Cavalli, Prabal Gurung & Dolce & Gabbana in so many different styles that bring to mind the Renaissance, the hippie scene, Asian, and modernist influences each in their own spectacular way!

MY TIP: Let the gold do the talking and dominate! It's more fun and flattering. And don't forget, if you're gutsy and wear a full on gold outfit, jewelry is a no no!

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